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Volume 3(4) 2013 - Table of Contents

Editorial. Volume 3, Number 4, December 2013
Henryk Skarżyński
JHS 2013; 3(4): ED5-5
Manuscript ID: 890634

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Review articles
Prevalence of Cochlear Implants in Europe: What do We know and What can We expect?
Leo De Raeve, Ruud van Hardeveld
JHS 2013; 3(4): RA9-16
Manuscript ID: 889707

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Original articles
The perception of size and shape of resonant objects
Niamh O'Meara, Stefan Bleeck
JHS 2013; 3(4): OA19-30
Manuscript ID: 890115

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Clinical Application of a Multimodal Electrophysiological Test Battery to predict Optimal Behavioral Levels in Cochlear Implantees
Raghunandhan Sampathkumar, Ravikumar A, Mohan Kameswaran, Kalyani Mandke, Ranjith R.
JHS 2013; 3(4): OA31-48
Manuscript ID: 889982

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Prawin Kumar, Niraj Singh, Vipin Ghosh
JHS 2013; 3(4): OA49-55
Manuscript ID: 889660

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Cervical and Ocular vestibular evoked myogenic potentials in individuals with severe to profound hearing loss
Shalini  Bansal, Shruti  Sahni, Sujeet Sinha
JHS 2013; 3(4): OA56-63
Manuscript ID: 889971

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Special reports
Hearing and Structure Preservation Workshop
Artur Lorens
JHS 2013; 3(4): SR67-67
Manuscript ID: 890498

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11th European Federation of Audiological Societies conference
Katarzyna Ciesla
JHS 2013; 3(4): SR68-70
Manuscript ID: 890631

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Report on the Conference of the European Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine and Biology (ESMRMB), 3-5.10.2013 r., Toulouse, France
Mateusz Rusiniak, Tomasz Wolak
JHS 2013; 3(4): SR71-73
Manuscript ID: 890497

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Report on the promotion of Polish medical centers in the United States, November 2013. The fair of 6th World Medical Tourism Congress in Las Vegas and the trade mission of Polish medical centers in New York
Magdalena Rutkowska
JHS 2013; 3(4): SR74-75
Manuscript ID: 890499

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Conference of Ukrainian Scientific Society of Otolaryngologists
Olga Wanatowska
JHS 2013; 3(4): SR76-76
Manuscript ID: 890632

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