p-ISSN 2083-389x   e-ISSN 2084-3127


“Inflammaging” and its management in presbycusis

Carl Verschuur

JHS 2012; 2(4): EA46-48

ID: 883802

Published: 2013-02-25

Background: From human studies there is little published evidence on the biological basis for presbycusis. We report a previously published study which tested the hypothesis that chronic inflammation in the elderly, known as “inflammaging” is a causal factor for presbycusis.
Method and Results: Analysis of biological and audiological data from a large population cohort showed an independent association between a range of inflammatory markers and mean hearing level.
Discussion: Our findings suggest that further investigation into the role of inflammation in causing presbycusis is warranted. We also discuss wider research plans, and argue for a greater understanding of the inter-relationship of systemic and cochlear inflammation and the role of inflammatory processes in causing a range of types of hearing loss.

Keywords: Presbycusis - etiology, inflammation , Age-related disorders